The Union Hack is a positive symbol of unification for the British Isles.

The ancient history of Britain (pre-700AD) was based in self-determination and respect for the law. The great principle upon which our countries were founded: “Do no harm”.

Integrating all the nationalities drawn to the UK (over 200 from all around the world), the emblem represents the incredible diversity of people who have chosen the British Isles as their home. The full spectrum of colours flying on a white background immediately denotes “The Flag of All Flags” as a symbol of peace and integration.

The Union Hack provides a positive symbol around which the British people may unite. We must work and play together if we are to survive these challenging times.

The old Union Flag or Union Jack was designed to unite the different countries of the British Isles and to form stronger alliances as Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Given the common threats we now face to our safety and our freedom, we are currently presented with an opportunity for deeper unification.

Now we need to come together and stand for freedom.

In order to stand for something, and not just against something, we need a symbol to move towards… a goal… some means of unifying the denizens of this country and a means of identifying ourselves without using the corrupted symbols of the past.

This is the Union Hack.



If you want to show people you care… you can help to broadcast the message of inclusion to everyone you meet.

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You can find clothing, mugs, prints etc. from a variety of online suppliers… 100% of all profits go to an educational charity whose aims include the creation of educational communities: New Paradigm Education.

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Since the decision was made to close all borders during lockdowns, restricting the free movement of people, we have effectively become prisoners of these lands, often separated from families unless willing to undergo experimental treatments.

The Union Hack

The demand to use expensive and unreliable PCR tests or to participate in drug trials is a financially motivated move making fortunes for a small number of well connected tycoons.

Trapped here on the British Isles, we have effectively become political prisoners. Millions are now terrified and supportive of these restrictions but only because they have been subject to the most brutal propaganda campaign since the swastika was adopted by Hitler.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer who successfully held VW accountable for the dieselgate scandal, has described the corona scandal as Nuremberg 2, potentially the biggest crime against humanity ever. As both a native German and a legal expert, he is well placed to be able to make that kind of statement, he has launched a class action against the WHO and is receiving significant support. He is but one example of the medical and legal professionals currently mounting opposition to the current situation.

For everyone who has family connections across borders, they have been issued with an ultimatum: participate in a drug trial or you will not see your relations. The demand to pay large amounts of money for repeated usage of an illegitimate test is the only alternative. An unfortunate testament to the strength of family ties, there are millions of people who have gone along with this program in order to maintain contact with their nearest and dearest.

The divisive propaganda distributed by the government, educational bodies and media outlets has been highly effective in saturating the social sphere with a singular viewpoint. Tech Giants like Google, YouTube and Facebook are enforcing the most effective censorship campaign ever seen. Searching for opposing voices through these platforms shows the degree to which any contradictory opinions have been suffocated.

It’s time for people of every stripe to unite so that we can create a positive and irrepressible force for freedom and self-determination.